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Energy Saving Solutions that don't cost the Earth

Industrial Control Services Ltd

Energy saving solutions that don't cost the Earth

Industrial Control Services Ltd

Based in Staffordshire we are a small system Integration company passonate about energy and energy conservation. We have developed scalable monitoring systems that help identify energy usage, specialising in sub metering of electrical processes.

Automatic Meter Reading Background

The traditional utility meter displays energy usage as an accumulation of counts presented to a display, which is used to calculate the monthly bill. It has applications within the electricity, gas and water utility industries for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Sub metering is often used within a building, retail or industrial facility where it is desirable to measure power consumption for specific equipment, locations or sub-level accounts. An Internet enabled modem provides access to FTP download sites and a content delivery system offers a complete solution.

Intelligent Internet enabled modems enable legacy equipment to be monitored, which can be scaled to a remote monitoring system solution, where information can be delivered in response to real-time events.


Our thanks to DevExpress engineers for excellent feature-complete Presentation Controls.

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